by Sartory Billard

In a landmark collaboration, Sartory-Billard and CronotempVs are proud to present the unparalleled excellence of the CT12 Tourbillon and the subsequent introduction of the SB06 line to the watch collector community.


As fellow enthusiasts, we have embarked on this journey with eagerness, aspiring to celebrate yet another notable landmark for the club.


The CT12 stands as a testament to the trajectory of CronotempVs as a watch collector’s club. In a constant stride for evolution, the CT12 Tourbillon has given birth to Sartory-Billard’s SB06 line.


The SBTV01 caliber, developed exclusively by Comblemine for Sartory-Billard, is a unique and captivating project turned reality in the world of watches. It stands firm as a standalone flying Tourbillon, meticulously assembled and fine-tuned by a single master watchmaker


Juxtaposed against this deep-rooted tradition is a strikingly modern design that has been ingrained in Sartory-Billard’s identity since its establishment.


When first considering a tourbillon, we delved deep into the world of movements, forging a conviction that “off-the-shelf” options or modifying existing products wouldn’t meet the true collector’s standards.


Like the dial, the strap has been carefully chosen to match the dial or the owner’s taste. Handmade by Scarlett Paris, the strap is completely bespoke in leather type, color, and size.


To make the CT12 stand out, we chose none other than Bosphorus Leather to create a container that would be both elegant and provide adequate protection for the CT12.