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CronotempVs “Club Watches” are not and where never meant to be sequential in their numbering. CronotempVs club watches are neither numbered sequentially nor according to brand, manufacture, year of production, etc… CronotempVs club watches are divided and selected according to “type” or “complication”.

Like numbers on a dial, CronotempVs Club Watches have been divided into twelve types/complications. Once a club watch has been selected it is then attributed in the category that best represents its philosophy. The "CronotempVs Twelve" are;

CronotempVs 1: "Contradiction" A watch that defies the standard way of thinking. An oversize dress-watch or a classic philosophy watch with a modern aggressive design.

CronotempVs 2: "Maitre Horloger" Dedicated to master watchmakers that “sign” the dial of the watch with their name and transmit their personality into the piece whether it is through a manufactured calibre, finishes or simply by a unique design and character.

CronotempVs 3: "Chronograph" Movements that measure time on demand and all their variants. (Mono-Pusher, rattrapante, central minute counter)

CronotempVs 4: "Professional" Dedicated to withstand professional use under extreme conditions. (Diver & driver or flieger)

CronotempVs 5: "Calendar" Complications that tell more than only the date. (Full, Annual, Perpetual and celestial calendar)

CronotempVs 6: "Unconventional" All those that use unconventional means to tell conventional time. (Jumping hours/minutes/seconds, satellites, regulator, retrograde, etc…)

CronotempVs 7: "Ultra Thin" Classic dress watches. (elegant, uncomplicated, precious metals, manufacture movements under 4mm in thickness)

CronotempVs 8: "NEC PLVS VLTRA" Bespoke calibre developed exclusively for CronotempVs.

CronotempVs 9: "Traveller" Watches with a secondary time indication. (GMT, UTC and Dual Time)

CronotempVs 10: "Acoustic" Any watch that interacts with the owner through sound. (Alarm, striking hour, repeater, sonnerie)

CronotempVs 11: "Historic" Classic and historic watch philosophy related to any watchmaking up to the first half of the 20th century. (Marine chronometer, pocket watch, clocks, etc…)

CronotempVs 12: "Precision" A watch who's philosophy is based on precision first, leaving all other considerations in second place. (Chronometer, high frequency, force constante, tourbillon, thermocompensated, etc…)

Most watches fall into at least one (in some cases two, three and even four…) of these categories.

We hope that these explanations have helped to clear doubts and contribute to understanding what our project is all about and where it is headed.

Thank you,