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The main goal of a “Club Watch” edition is to bring the magic of horology to the club members searching a balance between comercial multinational power brands and exclusive independent watchmakers. A Club Watch must be regarded as an opportunity to bring together owner and brand/watchmaker through the passion of horology. A Club Watch is a journey that begins at the moment of the initial project and extends well beyond the final delivery of the watch. Club watches are not limited to a horological concept or a geographic provenance. Instead these should be as varied as possible and chosen according to a horological value that sets them apart in a unique way from other time pieces.

Contrary to what most people think, club watches are not "Limited Editions". Club watches are owned from the very beginning and individually numbered on the back according to their owner. Club watches are not available for sale through dealers like conventional watches.

The Project
Initial contact is made with the brand/watchmaker to asses its possibility to cooperate in making a Club Watch. (There will be only one person intermediating between the club and the brand/watchmaker at all times.) Once all details are clear regarding; design, time frame, price, payments, etc… the project is officially presented to the club and to its members. It is key to convince a minimum quorum of club members to take a "leap of faith" and commit to buy a watch that does not exist yet and will take a period of 9 to 12-months to be delivered. Therefore a rule of minimums has been instituted in order to ensure that a process of "natural selection" guarantee that only the very best projects come true. Should the minimum number of watches be reached the project becomes oficial. Club watches are exclusive* to club members.

In the past, CronotempVs has successfully promoted projects with L.U.Copard, Speake-Marin, Montblanc, Habring² , D. Dornblüth & Sohn and shortly IWC. Several projects are under construction…

*Non-members that are interested in being part of the project and acquiring one of this pieces need to go through the admission process of becoming an oficial member first.